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Okay, ask and you shall receive, someone (cough cough, @Wheeldog) pointed out these did not cover the 3.3L GDI,
so I give you, wait for it..... Third Generation DM (2013–2018) Hyundai Santa Fe Service Manual V4 (addendum 3.3L GDI).
I found a file, (don't ask questions you don't want the answers to) while it does not play nice with Acrobat 7 Pro on Vista,
and at this point I can't convert it to Word but
I was able to at least get it out there with F'kd up pagination.

View attachment 441576

Will work on fixing it further, but here is the link for all four volumes as they are now ...........

Third Generation DM (2013–2018) Hyundai Santa Fe Service Manuals 4 Volumes

Let me know if anything else is missing :LOL:

Thanks SO much for the PDF's you linked to!!! I was looking for those since I bought my "new" used 2015 Santa Fe XL about 3 weeks ago. Very happy with this new ride.
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