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My 2022 sonata n line
She was Cheap! But as cheap cars come it's got issues but nothing I can't fix. Only 90k when I bought it ~1 mon ago now at 95k. Was a one-owner car. Thinking about starting a youtube channel with this car.
2020 Limited 1.6t
Stock OEM Accent getting a Beta 2 2.0L Elantra swap
2022 KONA N-line Ultimate
White Black Palisade
2021 Sonata SEL Plus With Tech Package in black!
Oil down one (1) quart after oil change two weeks ago!!
I purchased Hyundai eon megna+ car, but it's paint is peeling
A little over a week ago my smart key started acting weird. You had to push the lock button and/ or the unlock button and the Trunk button multiple times to get them to work. Now, they vey seldom work and I have to use a key to to unlock the door, and have to open the door to release the trunk...
Passenger-side turn signal blinks at twice the speed of driver side.
2021 Palisade Ultimate Calligraphy
Please help me, My vehicle: Grand i10 Asta, ABS light on, Test by G-Scan: C2112 Valve Relay Erro. I has checked resistor for mass and Power supply is Good.
2020 Elantra - Preferred + Sun & Safety Package
I've installed an off on off switch with a relay and am able to see front or rear camera on a mirror cam but I would like to be able to see it thru the Infotainment system on my 2020 Hyundai Elantra. But to be able to do this I need to identify the reve
I can't find the fuse for the 12v power outlet in the backseat center console. I've found the cig let