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First of all, sorry for my bad english, talking from France !

Here is my problem :
I occasionally get some white smoke coming out of the exhaust. This occurs after driving for 30 or 40 minutes for example, and stopping the car.

It doesn't occur all the time. I checked my level of coolant, it does not move a muscle. No oil consumption either, all levels are good.
The smoke is white, not blue or gray, and it feels just the exhaust I think.
Also I have no other symptoms, no problem starting, no power loss, it looks ok !

Last week, I got again some white smoke and the "check" light started blinking. I stopped the car to look at the engine, then I restart and the "check" light lights continuously.
I went to the garage to read the code, and it's related to the particles filter. He forced a regeneration and told me that I should be quiet now.

Unfortunately, yesterday I got the "check" light blinking again, accompanied by white smoke. After several restarts, no more smoke, but the light continues to blink.

I must go again to the garage, but in the meantime I do not know if I can continue driving ? Knowing that the car behaves correctly ... I'm afraid to damage the particle filter.

What's your opinion ?
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