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I don't have a diesel Santa Fe but do have a diesel Volvo XC60. Perhaps some of the issues about particle filter regeneration are common.

The particle filter regeneration occurs by the engine management injecting raw fuel into the exhaust when needed and this excess fuel burns to clear the accumulated soot in the filter. Volvo have noticed problems caused by the bio-diesel component of the fuel not burning properly in the particle filter regeneration process. They are working on a solution but the interim fix is to alter the engine management software.

There are problems with regeneration if you drive only short trips and stop start conditions. The regeneration works best if you are diving vigorously after the engine has warmed up.

I would suggest you do an occasional long trip at high speed to clear the filter.

If the warning light keeps reappearing, I would go back to the dealer and pester him until you get a solution.
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