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  • Cudz ·
    Obviously you deleted my post regarding 1fastdad. Can you PM me the reason for his banishment. thanks
    glospete ·
    Can you put back my Edit button on the first post of the Sticky Thread Sante Fe "Replacement DVD/GPS.TV/Bluetooth Unit" so that I can reinstate the pictures which got deleted.
    batomobile ·
    Hey there sir, any chance you might be able to point me in the right direction of the first steps to take to trouble shoot my AC system? I've found this link but it doesn't seem to exhaustive: Hyundai Santa Fe Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Thanks in advance! Dave
    OkieRich ·
    Andrew, UNBELIEVEABLE day!!! Union Pacific's Darling of the Rails was there in all her overwhelming glory!!! UP844 is breathtaking. Spent over two hours pouring over her drivers, piston rods, EVERYTHING! Enjoyed the Prometary Museum car, and bought some souvineers for dad. Will post some pics in a day or so in the new album I have set up on here.

    Going back tomorrow. Engineer tells me they are pulling out at 8 AM. Want to see those drivers start up and some smoke billowing.

    Can't thank you enough!
    artfd ·
    How about a sticky for spare tires? This would save a lot of searching around for us new owners. Long-standing forum members have their minds made up & some seem to think the topic has been beaten to death. Well, it comes up anew for every new Elantra owner, or at least it seems that way.
    I'm trying to find exact specifications for the steel wheel for a 2012 GLS, haven't found it yet.
    Xion ·
    I thought you could have bought a Honda with a special employee discount. I got a $1000 discount at Ford once because my uncle was working for Volvo Canada.
    Montego said if i went to top, left of page i could find "new thread" . It isn't on my pages, did you ban me from posting new messages?
    OkieRich ·
    Thanks, Andrew. When I can't sleep this site soothes my nerves. Couple it with a little humor and it's better than paying to see the movies. Richard
    Em-squared ·
    Cool you live in PDX. I was looking @your profile and found it amusing that you work for Honda. Guess they don't care that you drive a Hyundai, eh? ;)
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