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2019 Santa Fe Ultimate 2.0T AWD
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Do you really think a dealer will do a PDI on any new vehicle? I don't!

We purchased a 2021 Santa Fe last year with 10 miles on the OD and there were still plastic/paper covers from HYUNDAI on the SUV. Was taken off of the transport truck that morning according to the general manager. In fact, the dealer prep people had not even put on the sticker that the dealers install on most cars with the dealership name on the car. So, I did not have to remove the sticker from our SUV.

We had to wait 30 to 45 mins for the car to be cleaned and detailed before the car was delivered to us. I went through the car interior opening up the floor storage compartment to insure everything was in place that should be there.
They didn't have the cleaning and detailing done before you got there? I hope you didn't give them 10 out of 10 when you got the survey....
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