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This is a waste of time, We have 2 heat shields on the lower half and upper half of the manifold. If those are in place they're probably going to work better than a turbo blanket that doesn't cover the upper part of the manifold. Also the way the turbo blanket is designed it would get in the way of the wastegate rod, so you would have to be creative getting around that.

I just replaced my turbo on Monday and had to remove and reinstall both of those those heatshields. I have also seen builds (wg mod) without either heat shield.

A turbo blanket for this car is just going to be a waste of money and time time unless you go with a big turbo/aftermarket manifold setup. Then in that case you can't use the stock heat shields.

Old pic from when I had a valve cover gasket leak so you can see the upper heat shield.

How the stock turbo looks off the car

So yeah, don't do it. Spend your money on something else.

1,008 Posts
If you don’t mind me asking why did you need to replace your turbo?
btw your mods are beautiful please post more pics for the rest of us.
It didn't quite make it to 190K miles.

My car has been tuned by Lap 3 stage 1.5+ in July 2016 around 45k miles, roughly 8 months after I got the car. I went to the stage 2 tune last year in October and put down 300whp on a dynojet. I drive roughly 750 miles a week so the car has a lot of miles on it.

Pretty much I tried to push it and the turbo broke from the years of use. It's pretty impressive to get almost 200K out of a stock turbo.

I already wrote what happened here...

To add to that thread, I picked up the gaskets and the one for the oil drain was the wrong one (they ordered me the one for the oil feed on the block side). Well I made one out of gasket material, I put a good bit of effort into it and it would have worked. But sadly when installing the oil feed banjo bolt it just snapped with no pressure and I couldn't do anything. Luckily I had a rental car for the week and was returning it that day, and the dealer on my way to work (you know that 80 mile one way drive) had both the oil return gasket and the banjo bolt. I returned my rental car, they drove me home and I fixed it that night.

Since then I've put about 1500 miles on the car with the new turbo. It's dead quiet up to about 8psi, then you can hear it and it runs away. I normally spike 27psi, and hold around 25psi to redline. It has a bit more power than the stock turbo, but there are times I feel like the stock turbo fit the powerband better (maybe it's because I can't hear it anymore). This turbo with a wg mod and methanol injection the car will make 380-400whp. That's why I had it built, but since I had it laying around I figured it was a good time to use it. I have about $700 in the turbo and Lap 3 sells them for $1350.

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