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Morning Lads and Lasses,

November 6th was the 1 year mark in the ownership of my 2013 Elantra GT GLS 6M. Things got off to a shaky start when I first had the car, as it was the first manual transmission car I'd owned, and it was 92hp down on the car I traded it for (2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx SS). The car has just around 29,000km (18,000mi) on it, and I'm quite happy with my purchase decision. I'll outline the year in bullet points, so that I'm not long winded.

The Good:
- beautifully striking body design, can't walk away from it without looking back
- best interior I've ever had in a car, the ergonomic layout, fit & finish, and quality exceed my expectations for a compact car
- Panoramic sunroof
- fold flat rear seats with biiiig cargo area
- heated front seats (love them when it's cold)
- 1.8L provides adequate power for highway cruises and passing when needed (but you definitely need to calculate when to pass)
- taught suspension for backroad twists
- smooth transmission and clutch operation, though can be easy to stall when gawking at Porsche Cayannes in traffic...
- projector beam headlamps, much preferred over reflector beam
- 8yr/100mi warranty
- dealer experience has been absolutely outstanding (have raved to Hyundai Canada twice now about the dealership)

The Bad:
- "Eco" mode; don't need to elaborate here...
- 1.8L could use a turbo and about 100bhp more...
- engine light first day with car (was a vac hose that was loose)
- O2 sensor went in April (replaced under warranty)
- shift knob's "satin aluminum" came off and leather worn in 8 months (replaced under warranty)
- LED signal repeaters on mirrors are SE only
- no LED tail lights
- no LED DRL
- no visible exhaust tips like on Coupe (it's a GT for God's sake)
- as mentioned previously, thin paint; lots of rock salt chips :(

All around, I'm very happy with the car and I can't wait for the money to start coming in after school is done so that I can start building this car into a much more capable hot hatch.

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Not quite a year into mine (8 months and 12K miles) and I think you hit the same highs and lows that come to mind for me, although I haven't used the dealer yet for svc nor the mfr for warrantee so I can't comment there. I would add on the pluses as MPG (averaging 32) and overall value. The bads I would add the rear suspension.

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every minute you waste sitting in the car without them is a minute you'll never get back...
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