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Xm Signal Strength

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Hey everyone,

I recently had a car which I attached Sirius satellite radio in with an external antenna. However, in the 2011 Sonata, I notice that the XM antenna loses signal where my previous car would not. And this is happening quite often. I mean, it's not unexpected, there are some trees around where I'm driving. But, it seems that the external antenna packaged with the Sirius car kit was much stronger than the one OEM on the Sonata. Now to my question, is there a way I could attach an external antenna thats not OEM and just magnet it to the top of the car? Also, does anyone know if there's an XM "set-top" box in the trunk or anywhere else like there were in the older Sonata's where you can attach the antenna to?
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Call XM and have them re-send the signal to your car. Also, which model car do you have. If you have Navigation there are two ways to turn off the radio, a hard off and a soft off. Try the hard off by holding the button down for a few seconds. May reset everything!
Thanks! I do have the nav system and will try that. :)
My XM has lost all signal strength and it the display says no signal strength. Dealer has ordered another XM - Navi system under warranty. Maybe yours is in the early stages of failure.
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