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After 20+ other cars I just got my first Hyundai. A low milage XG30 that I got fairly cheep.

It has 74000km (~46000 miles) on the odometer and has a compleate documented history.

The downside is that it has compleatly worn out and rusty brakes since it has been parked still for about a year.

Now I'm trying to collect information about the model, something that isnt as easy as it is for most european cars (you simply cant buy a Haynes manual for it).

Also it runs like crap, so I just ordered a set of spark plugs and will give it a standard service to start with.

After the brakes are fixed and the service is done it has some rust in the rear wheel arches that needs attention.

Well that about sums it up for me. Add a non charging alternator and one starts to understand why that low milage car was cheap.. :p

Cheers folks!
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