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I recently got rid of my Sonata (leased), so I have moved on. This forum has always been great so I wanted to stay on. This is a first for me but figured I would put it out there for all of you wheel enthusiasts in case you may be considering selling your rims. These would be going on my Nissan Maxima (2014) so the bolt pattern would have to be 5x114.3 with an offset anywhere from 32-45mm. If you have a set of 20x9, or somewhere in that range with the offset and bolt pattern, shoot me an email of what you may have. ([email protected])

I'm not interested in chrome of any kind. Only 20" wheel sizes, and I'd really prefer a square setup ((non staggered) Wheels I'd want to take a look at:

Anything forged or even rotary forged (or otherwise light weight) - Rays, SSR, HRE, Volk, Work, etc
Concave face
Stepped Lip or deep lip
Hypersilver in color (or close to it)
Ace Alloy Convex
Stance SC5 or SC6
Avant Garde
Rohana (RC7 or RC10)
Concept One (?)
And generally if you have a really nice set of wheels that you are looking to sell, or have been thinking about selling. For the right wheel I am willing to deal. Again, no chrome please. Its just not my style. Stainless chrome lips are ok...just not into bling.

I'm in the Chicagoland area.
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