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yeah I just changed mine at 30,280 miles --- did the intake filter as well, and also did a tranny fluid swap (drain & fill technique).

The cabin filter looked uber gross, just like sbr711 posted.
The intake filter wasn't too too bad - but I changed it anyway.

For the record, I found a few places online, looked at a few links posted around here, etc...
From my findings, the cheapest I found it online was ... I believe they were a measly $4.92, but cost $7.99 in shipping! I couldn't justify that cost, so I updated it to 2 filters, and it went to $8.16...
Basically, just shy of $20 to get it shipped to my house.

I decided to call around town and found AutoZone wanted $21 for the filter, while O'Reilly Auto Parts wanted $5. SOLD! O'Reilly continually amazes me not only in their costs, but product quality, and customer service. I'm continually disappointed by AutoZone's ignorance, and rude "customer service." Anyway.. enough bashing.

The intake filter I bought was the lowest cost they had at $20.99..

I bought to of each filter, so I can have one in stock for next year.

ProTip -- Something I like to do is put some diffuser oil on the cab filter, typically Vanilla scent :D It makes the car smell good, possibly even enhance the "classiness" inside, without having all these ghetto-fabulous vent filters or dangling scent thingies ppl get at gas stations. Once the smell has completely gone away, I inspect the filter to see if it's riddled with junk -- typically the loss of smell indicates it's super dirty.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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