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Hello im new. I have a 2001 Sonata GLS V6 2.5lt. The problem im having is that the car left alone after a couple of hours will have trouble starting. After its first initial start it will start up again no problem. First a change the cam position sensor since it was given a code replace it with an original oem cam sensor. It was still given the code took on of my other 1999 sonata and the code went a way. Now its given code p0442, check the line to purge valve (on the back of the intake plenum) they were ok, change the purge valve. Still given the code and still hard to start. Later i just took the hose from the back of the purge valve and blew some compress air and the car didn't have problem starting back again for 2 hole days. No im back at square one.

More info
The car will crank up, i have to leave the key on the crack position for about 8 to 15 seconds (after will start normally)

Also change the fuel pump assembly with my other parts car. And the problem DIDN'T follow.

Also bought a new fuel pump with the fuel filter didn't fix it

When it finally start, it stincks of fuel, like its floded. The fuel presure regulator works
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