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Hey guys, just thought I'd make a quick post showing the differences between a Wix 49069 air filter I got for the Accent @ Rockauto.

I know on the top down perspective I flipped sides and that they don't look like they're the same length overall, but they are the same length and width and the Wix fit just fine in the housing.

At first I was a little put off because the OEM filter has a much deeper height than the Wix. So I did a few quick measurements from the base of the rubber material on top and found the Wix was 36.5cm and had 88 pleats. The OEM was 41cm and had 60 pleats. Both were the same width of 11cm.

Correct me if I'm wrong but by my calculations the surface area is roughly:
For OEM 41cm X 11cm X2(for both sides) X 60 pleats = 54,120cm
For Wix 36.5cm X 11cm X2 X88pleats= 70,664cm

Of course, I'm not sure about other technical specs like efficiency of either one. I'll be keepin an eye on the MPG though to see if I get any luck there since the OEM might have been original @~87k miles. Doubt it'll make much difference tho. OTOH The cabin air filter was really nasty.
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