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hi guys long time since i posted but i have a HUGE question about my sonata 02...ok so i replaced the stock head unit and got myself a Dual head unit (dual is a brand) and i also have subs (MTX box with 2 700 watt kenwood subs and a insignia amp) and well when i looked at the wiring from the head unit to the wires that connected to the head unit it was tricky to do....i mean like the wiring colors r not suppose to b the same and when my dads friend hooked it up for me it works except one speaker in the back.....i will have pics up as soon as possible but my serious question is does anyone have a 2002 hyundai sonata head unit wiring diagram to the stock head unit? i want to kno the colors of the wires cause i looked in my manual and there was absolutely nothing :\...please help i need to kno how come it works but the wiring is very confuzing...color wise..
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