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Dear Atomic,

Far smarter than using an 4 lug-5 lug adapter would be to see if your wheels can be machined to a 4 lug wheel. If you look at most after-market wheels, you will see that many makes have a total of 9 holes. they have both a 4 x 100mm lug pattern and a 5 x 115mm lug pattern. lay one of your existing wheels or your spare on top of the 5 lug wheels, and see if you can turn the spare tire where the 4 holes are over solid metal. If yes, take your new wheels down to an automotive machine shop with your spare, and have 4 holes per wheel machined in with perfect spacing and balance.

If no, an adapter will move the tire away from the car by the thickness of the adapter plate and you should not have any clearance issues.

You will have difficulty finding an adapter for what you are planning. Likely you will need to buy two front and two rear brake rotors, remove the 4 lug studs, and have a machine shop machine 5 new lug stud holes in perfect alignment in the 'top hat' and install 5 lug studs in each rotor.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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