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I brought these rims to replace the stock rims on my 2018 sport with the 2.4 liter engine with 17 inch rims , the seller said It shows that they would work as long as the car does not have bigger brake caliper or the brembos. I assume my 2.4 sport does not since it is not the turbo. I hope these will work, I love the deep lip on the rims, I guess that is why the seller said as long as the brake claipers are not bigger or my sport have brembo's and the bolt patterns are the same 5x114.3

I found this info on the internet so I am thinking it will fit based on this site's info that say Sonata Bolt Pattern
PCD 5x114.3
Stock wheel offset
35 to 55 mm
Center bore (hub bore)
Thread size
M12 x 1.5
Stock Rim Sizes Range
16x6.5 – 20x8.5

I think it looks like it willo fit but like the saying go, 2 heads are better then one and sometimes I miss stuff, I hope in this case I am right

Thanks for any help
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