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Yes it will. I had googled this question, and could not find an answer, so I tried it, and it worked, as expected.

Bought a 2018 Sonata. Asked the dealer for a price on spare keys. They wanted $125 per key (including fob), plus $60 programming. Asked them if they could just give me a key without a fob, and they said they could not. Asked them if they would cut blanks I supplied, and they said they would not, because the key cutting bit is expensive (true that).

I wanted three spare keys, so total price with tax would be over $450.

Bought some OEM "E" key blanks on ebay (part 819963S000) for less than $10 each. They work in my 2018 Sonata which takes "3C1" keys (PN 81996D3000 w/o fob). The "E: and "3C1" I am referring to are engraved on OEM keys.

Got them cut for $35 each at my local locksmith. Saved over $300.

My keys are not chipped. Your mileage may vary.

Just sharing in the hopes it will help someone. Hope I am posting this in the right forum. Thankfully, I do not have to visit here often, as my three Hyundais are pretty much trouble-free.

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