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As the title state, my wife was T-boned by a brand new (2 day old) Civic last Friday. Other driver blew the stop sign and hit her right on the rear drivers side wheel of my beloved 2012 Santa Fe.

I just got the estimate from the body shop and he told me that the insurance company is going to fix it, which I am supper happy about. I was sure they would write it off. Total repair bill is $4400.00.

I have 305,000 kms on this car and I REALLY want to take it to 500k. It's in fantastic shape and runs amazing still.

I have owned her since day 1 and have done all maintenance myself. Other than this accident, I have only had to do front sway bar links and an oil pressure sensor, other than regular consumable parts. (Oil, filters, tires, etc).

I LOVE this thing!

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