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2002 Sonata GLS - 125k+ On my last oil change ($23.88 out the door at a Goodyear Tire Place) they gave me an
estimate for "recommended" work. They wanted to do a
Power Steering Flush Service
Cooling System Flush
Brake system Flush

Total cost $326.37 - Geez, I think a blood transfusion would be cheaper!

This broke down as:
parts 122.50 - I guess that's for the new fluids (includes a $4 charge to dispose of my old fluids)
labor 163.90 - To connect some hoses and wait for fluids to drain/refill???
"shop" supplies 20.05 - what shop supplies??? towels to dry your hands???
tax 19.92

Needless to say, I said no thanks. At least they didn't hit me up for tranny fluid flush. I had just done a fluid
change myself.

I understand the concept of turning a $23 oil change into a $300+ tab. In reality though, if you change
your fluids the old fashioned way on a regular basis, what is to be gained by a "flush"? Does it really
make things last longer?

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You are on the right track - its all about upcharging the customer. I politely say no to every flush except my cooling system (only when needed). A "properly" maintained vehicle does not require all the flushes listed on the price board. Technology has advanced in fluids and there is no need to change/flush as often as the service provider wants to sell you on. Buyer Beware - do your research before forking over your hard-earned cash.
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