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On my 2012 Elantra Touring GLS, I'm trying to do a tire rotation. I'm doing a cross rotation, so front driver swaps with rear passenger, etc.

I have 2 jack stands and a hydraulic jack. I jacked up the rear of the car on one side and placed the jack stand as shown. I don't think it's very secure though.

Can someone recommend where the PROPER place to put jack stands is? Front and rear, pics if possible showing because I'm a bit of a noob here.

Also is there another place that can be used to jack the car up? Like, the subframe? Would love pics if someone has it, just showing me where exactly :) Right now I just the two tabs that are welded together like in the manual, near the wheels. 2013-08-23 7 47 28 PM.jpg 2013-08-23 8 06 40 PM.jpg 2013-08-23 7 45 37 PM.jpg 2013-08-23 7 44 54 PM.jpg
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