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So yes if you missed the other message< my engine caught on fire< but i managed to put it out< read previous post.

I DIDNT take a picture before hand and im not sure how this goes again. so these wires you see here i need to know where they are suppsoed to go, because the spark im getting is insane.

the negative terminal ive replaced with a new cable. its connected to the engine block, it runs to the negative terminal on the battery, and it also has another wire attached to it, (this wire goes to the frame or to the fuse box)?

there are three additional wires. so that was first question what that connects to.

2) the fuse box connects to which the positive or negative ( i assume positive) asking anyways.

3) theres a 3rd wire, it looks like runs some where under the starter (fuel injectors), though it was orginally part of the wire that goes to fuse box. (so it would have been connected to whatever terminal question 2 was supposed to be connected to.

thank you so much for taking the time to help me.


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