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Bought my i10 SE last year just before lockdown and we just realised that we don’t know where the locking wheel nut adapter is stored for my car. Looked in all the obvious places like under the boot mat where the Jack tools and towing hook eyelet are stored, under the spare wheel, in the glove compartment, under the front seats, even in the internal fuse compartment! Cannot find it anywhere and I definitely was not handed one in my hand when I picked up the car. I did pick it up just after the first lockdown from the dealership in Colney Hatch in London, I had to wait till the lockdown eased off to pick it up, so maybe they just forgot to either place it in the car or give it to me when I picked it up but I was just wondering if anyone knows of another location where it may be stored that I haven’t already looked? Will contact them after the weekend but would appreciate any help if someone knows where they are normally stored in new cars (2020).
Many thanks
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