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Never heard of this before.....

I purchased my 2010 Sante Fe Limited, new at Penticton Hyundai, in British Columbia, Canada. This was the first Hyundai I have purchased. I had researched vehicles and I had decided that this was the best vehicle available of the type I was looking for.

It didn't take long to discover that the service department Penticton Hyundai did not provide quality work, and they were not knowledgeable about the product etc. As a result after a few trips to Penticton Hyundai I started to have my Hyundai maintained at a non-Hyundai shop. The only time my Hyundai has seen the Hyundai dealership since has been for recalls (I think 2 very minor).

I have to say I have been fairly satisfied with the Hyundai, although I may not buy one again, because of the dealer I would have to deal with...

So... last week (today is Tuesday 24 Nov 2015) I received a telephone call from the dealership, it was a female she identified herself by name and that she was calling from Penticton Hyundai, and my call display confirmed it was Penticton Hyundai.

She stated that there was a recall on my Hyundai and needed to arrange a time for me to bring the vehicle in. I asked what the problem was and she stated it was a software issue. I scheduled an appointment for the following week on the Wednesday. In concluding the conversation, she made a point of saying "Is there anything else we can do for you ?"

After the call I got thinking, how strange it was that I received a telephone call telling me about a recall. I have owned lots of vehicles of various makes and had always received a letter from the manufacturer telling of a recall and asking me to take it to the dealership of my choice.

This morning I called Hyundai Canada and asked if there were any recalls for my vehicle. No, there are no recalls on your car.

So, a dealership that I have already chosen not to deal with, is now scamming me to attend at their dealership I can only guess hoping that I'm going to "gee, while I'm here could you change the oil ?" ?????

I guess they think my time is worthless and scamming me to come in and possibly sell me some services is OK.

The way (and the time) to keep my business was 5 years ago, when you did poor incomplete work on my vehicle and didn't rectify the problem when told about it by letter.

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I didn't take my vehicle in to Penticton Hyundai on the Wednesday, as was scheduled. I expected a phone call, asking me why I didn't show up. If and when they did call I intended on telling them.

Never got a call asking me why I didn't show, zip.

So, on Wednesday, the 23rd of December (2015), guess who calls ? Hi this is <name> from Penticton Hyundai, there is a recall on your 2010 Sante Fe. (very friendly and upbeat) just need to set up an appointment etc etc.

No mention of previously calling me.

I stated "Oh, a recall ?"
Yes, it's a software upgrade, there is no charge to you, because it's a recall.
"I've owned lots of vehicles and normally I get a letter from the manufacturer, how come you are phoning me ?"
Oh we are just calling our customers, I'm sure you'll be receiving a letter soon.
"Well I got a call from you folks a month or so ago about a recall, has there been another recall ?"
No this is the only one, the service department was calling people and now they just asked me to take over.
"Well, after I got the last phone call, I actually phoned Hyundai Canada, and they checked and there is NO recall on my vehicle."
Ooooohhhh, well I don't know I was just told to call and set up appointments, I could have the Service Manager call you ?
"Yes, that would be great, have the Service Manager call me.
(let see if he calls)

Now if this was some small outfit or a fly by night, used car lot, you could expect something like this. But a major auto manufacturer's dealership ?

When I called Hyundai Canada and a) found out there was no recall on my Sante Fe and b) told them that one of their dealerships were doing this. I just knew Hyundai Canada wasn't going to do anything,,, and apparently evidenced by this second phone call they haven't.

So what's the solution ? I know when I first purchased the vehicle in 2010, when I took it back for a hard shifting transmission, they did squat and 5 years later, every time it shifts hard, it reminds me to never buy another, and never get any work done at Penticton Hyundai unless I have to (warrantee).

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USA is 929A,, 3.5L PCM Update, and other GDS procedure that runs about 10 minute..


USA version --

Description: This bulletin supersedes TSB 14-01-028 (Service Campaign 929) and TSB 14-01-054
(Service Campaign TV5), and provides information related to an ECM software update for 2010 -
2012 Santa Fe vehicles with 3.5 liter engines that address the following separate conditions, which in rare cases may occur in these vehicles.

1. The 2010-2012 Santa Fe’s 3.5 liter engine management system incorporates an electrical
power management feature to regulate the alternator load under various operating conditions.

This is done to help protect the battery from overcharging and to regulate the load the
alternator places on the engine to maximize efficiency. During a specific set of operating
conditions when coming to a stop during braking at low speed, the load placed on the engine
by the alternator may momentarily result in a reduction in the engine rpm. This, combined with
an additional, simultaneous load on the engine may cause the vehicle’s engine to stall. The
vehicle can be restarted immediately.

2. The most current diagnostic logic is provided for a potential Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
illumination accompanied by:

a. DTC P0638 [Throttle Actuator Control Range/Performance (Bank 1)]
b. DTC P2106 (Limp Home Mode - Force Limited Power), and
c. DTC P2110 (Throttle Actuator Control System-Force Limited RPM)
and the associated limited power (“Limp Home”) mode.

3. Additionally a preventive cleaning procedure for the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) is

The ECM commands throttle blade movement after the engine is turned off - the throttle
blade moves back and forth for approximately 7 seconds. The throttle blade movement and
the sound associated with the movement is a normal characteristic of the vehicle after the
ECM update
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