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Ok so after getting my coilovers installed in the front one side had no camber the other had negative. So I asked them to get the wheel alignment done at the same time but they said they couldn't as it was too late.

Over the last few weeks I been trying to make an appointment but never succeeded.... until today.

So today during the alignment they were unable to align the passenger side as it was pretty bad with the camber... in the end the best he could do was get it to 1.5 which is pretty bad considering the rest are set at 0.48 So now I have the camber adjusted at 0.48 all round and at 1.5 passenger... pisses me off as im worried it got messed up over driving for a long period of time with the previous setting.

So coilover guys what do you think might be the issue? as I wasted 4 hours today TRYING to get the issue solved AND need to go there tomorrow morning again thus having to reschedule some of my appointments making me rather irritated...

My guess would be either A. defective coilover or B. improper installation. or worst case C. broken coilover.....
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