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Don't take this wrong, but you're a 22 year old guy and thinking of a Lexus ES 350?? That is the ultimate old man car in my opinion. Doesn't make it a bad car - it's solid, reliable, above all quiet and sedate, well built. My mom would enjoy it. At 22 wouldn't you be thinking of an IS Lexus? If you want/need SUV then what about Rx 350?

Your list of cars is also a bit odd in the sense that the Kia and Santa Fe have nothing in common with the Lexus. Do you want a medium-large near-luxury sedan or an SUV? Nobody on the forum can tell you that so you won't get a lot of valid feedback. Be more useful if you told us what you need or plan to routinely put in the vehicle or use it for, whether kids are in the future, (or large dogs etc.) and what sort of things you value or look for most in a vehicle - e.g. quiet ride? sporty handling? space? mileage? reliability? repair cost? What is the actual budget? Ever tow? Ever off road/soft road/significant winter?

Example of a post that might get you more useful feedback: Looking for the best value for a vehicle in the range from 20-25K. 07 or newer. 22, about to be married, no kids for next 4 years expected. Keep vehicles 2-3 years as get bored (and nothing wrong with that BTW, keeps our car industry alive!!). Enjoy outdoor sports and need to carry bikes and gear on weekends to a cottage with dodgy dirt roads as well as ski gear. Need something bigger than a Tucson but prefer 4 cylinder for fuel economy. Drive 10 000 miles per year.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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