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QUOTE (HyundaiLvr87 @ May 19 2010, 04:43 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=324377
'You have a 2 year old vehicle which you love, yet you're ready for a change?' Like I said this is the longest I have kept a vehicle. All my others I traded before a year. While I do love it, I have had the radio replaced twice and I'm having a problem with the trip computer/ fuel range and they need to drop the tank to do that. My trim also cracked on a hot day. Even though I didn't keep them long, my 05 and 06 Santa Fe's were rock solid.

"How does you fiancée feel about this?' she wants what she wants and while she likes the Santa Fe, she wants something different.

'Does it make her worry about your relationship?' Nope

'How often do you change girl friends?' Actually my fiancee was my only girlfriend. I'm 22

'Why are you changing cars so often?' My first Santa Fe, only got 14 mpg, then I wasn't getting much better on my Sonata and with my second Santa Fe, I traded it after 3 months because I got an amazing deal on this one.

'Why not change cars more often?' If I were rich, I would!

'You must have too much money.' Unfortuntely, no but I always have equity in my cars and I never put any money out of pocket.

'Don't buy another car. Get a bike.' I should because I need more exercise

'How often do you change TVs?' I've had the same one since I was 12!

I'm not looking for comments telling me to keep it. I'm simply looking for opinions on the vehicles I listed.
you should go and buy brand new Mercedes GL 550 AMG, in a year when u going to sell it out, please let me know,

I keep cars till they drive or are OK, once they become to broke down I'm replacing.

I think you are trying only to let everyone else know that you can change cars every year. This is not a facebook or Twiter. You are getting rid of a brand new cars, and you do the largest mistakes at all.
Once someone is buying a brand new car, they keep it at least for 4 years, reason ? because once you drive away from dealer, your car lost minimum 30% of its value. So if you like to pinpoint that you do that and dont care about it, pls try better twitter or facebook.

I just recently purchuased 2010 santa fe Limited, and I traded it for my 7 years old 4runner, witch was breaking down every day more and more, and I did not like the bills from service, who would ? I would go for a new 4runner 2010 but I'm not going to pay extra 6% on finance, because its a new body and style. Santa Fe was miles better deal and so far as I drive it its about the same ride and power, so I'm satisfied.

You should think what you going to write, and not to upset ppl.

and for your problems with hyundais, what for is the warranty anyways ? They dont wanna deal with u ? dont buy Hyundai then.

Or if u are a dealer, then I dont see a point for this post.
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