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Hey all,

The bottom line is that each of us has the right (an earned right) to do what they want with their money. When you boil it all down, most of what we purchase on a day-to-day basis can be rationalized away as not the best financial decision. We could live in much smaller houses, dress in more modest and cheaper clothes, and wear the same pair of shoes everyday...but we don't. Food can be plenty nourishing, but really boring, if we stuck to the bare essentials!

So, though I don't agree with the mind-set of ditching a car at 36K (not even broken in yet??) I respect the lad's right to do what he wants with his earned cash (if he were on the Government take, I'd feel differently! ;) ).

That being said, I'm in full agreement, that if you're gonna trade because you're bored, whatever you do, don't trade down! You'll end up dissatisfied as soon as the "newness" wears off, and you'll be right back where you started! If you can't afford to trade for what you want, then don't trade yet. Hang in there for a while, save some money, and get what you'll be happy with. (It not like your current ride sucks, you're just tired of it.)

But keep in mind, I'm the guy who routinely puts 150K+ miles on my I'm probably not the best guy to tell you what to do in your situation!

Finally...I like the comment Trucker made about "Buy a bike"...and I think he was referring to a motorcycle! Trust me, you'll get WAY more enjoyment out of that then you would a new car! (JMHO!! :right: )
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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