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So last night I installed my new Eagle Eyes combination lamps. After removing the OEM lamps I noticed some problems that you guys should be on the lookout for.

First of all, the fitment of the OEM lights seemed to be too tight, as the tip of the lights (furthest point towards the front of the car) had rubbed the paint right down to the bare metal on both sides, leaving a bare patch roughly 8mm x 2mm. No rust thankfully, so I put some touch up paint on, and the Eagle Eyes leave a bit of a gap there anyways. I imagine this area would have rusted eventually, especially when winter salt got in there.

Then, there was some rust on the driver's side behind the gray plastic part of the light that you can see when you open the trunk. It was a small spot on the body about an inch below where the top of the plastic starts. I tried to clean it a bit and then put some WD-40 on it. I have a feeling the area wasn't painted properly, which makes me nervous about what else could be going on in hidden places. That is a high traffic area for water though, as everything running down the back window goes into the channels around the trunk and past there.

I think I'll be removing the combination lamps once a year now to monitor what's going on under there. Probably a spring maintenance task.
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