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So BMW want to cancel my 218i for review this week? That's fine, I guess I'll just jump into this 2020 i30 N instead! 😂

G'day everyone! My name is Matt and I run the Car Review YouTube channel Matt Brand Cars (link for those interested: MattBrandCars)

Hyundai has given me a 2020 i30 N Hatch and I wanted to know from owners: What do you love about your i30 (doesn't have to be N!)? What do you hate?

I love to get the opinions of those who actually live with the car as well as my own thoughts from driving it over the week, as a year of ownership tells a lot more than a week of hooning!

If you like, share some photos of your i30!

I use some of what you have to say in the review!

Cheers all :)

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