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i paid $272.40 from Original remote start system for Hyundai and KIA (the us distributor of the mykey units based in ny) for the version without app support and it came in about 5 days.
in theory this unit is awesome and worth the price (in convenience, not actual cost). the newest version claims to be fully plug and play. technically it is fully plug and play if all you want is remote start. if you want defroster/ac on with remote start you will have to tap into those wires. but alot better than the first version where you had to tap into 10+ different locations. it comes with a main t-harness that goes in between car module on passenger kick panel and 1 harness that goes in between start button and car harness. plug and play.

unfortunately the unit does not have a detailed wiring diagram on it or come with instructions that have a detailed wiring diagram included. the red and black dipswitches do not have a diagram of what they do when on or off either. so that sorta leaves troubleshooting completely up to them.
neither [email protected] (the us distributor of the mykey units based in ny), [email protected] , or [email protected] would provide a diagram so i could self diagnose the issues with the unit. they were either not able to or not willing to. i could care less. shady (but understandable) business practice in my opinion.
in the end the unit itself or the harness itself or both are defective. i have seen multiple different videos on the unit being installed so i know it does in fact work sometimes. [email protected] was sorta helpful up until they were not able to figure out the issue with my unit then they went straight to "i must be a scammer trying to get free stuff".
i did offer to return defective unit/harness and asked for a refund OR replacement and they responded with essentially the same opinion, that i was lying. i then took pictures and a video of unit behavior and have not heard back from them since i sent the proof of unit not doing what it was supposed to.

if you get a correctly pre programmed unit (dipswitches) and a harness with the correct pinning, the unit will most likely work and you will be set.
if you get a unit that has not been correctly pre programmed for your model vehicle or a harness that has been cut/resold as new, the unit will most likely not work and you will not be set.
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