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Weathertech Winter Mats For Canada

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Looking for winter mats for my wife's new 2011 Sonata.

I've seen the WeatherTech digital fit floorliners online. See there is a site as well. Two questions.

1. First, at the .ca site, they only had the 1st row liners. On the USA site, there was also a second row. Any idea why?

2. On the USA site, the same mats seemed to be called Extreme-Duty floor liners. On the CDN site, they are called DigitalFit. Are they the same?

3. Anyone dealt with WeatherTech Canada?

4. They are expensive. Anywhere else they can be picked up?


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Hi Harry! I am fine :thumbsup:
These were $18 just a few weeks ago. Would not fit in your model though


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Those are good looking mats.
I have weather Tech and the only difference I can see is that Weather Tech has the raised lip all the way around forming a tub.
The only problem is that the raised lip will cost you about $80 more.
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