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Hi DamianP.
I started the last post on cleaning the alloys. I have mastered it now and i do the following.

1. Spray the wheels with clean water i.e. hose or pressure washer
2. spray the wheels 1 ata time with autuglym alloy wheel cleaner (mix with equal parts water to make i go further) and leave for 1 min
3. using a wet sponge clean the alloys using the cleaner that is on the wheel. when done rinse well with clean cold water
4. work your way round the car 1 wheel at a time
5. wash your car as per normal ( i use all in shampoo & wax)
6. dry the car with shammy and wax if needed
7. dry each wheel with an old shammy
8 using a clean yellow duster or other clean cloth use autoglym alloy sealer (i find this stops the break dust sticking to the alloys) just follow the instructions and dont spray directly onto the wheel as you MUST NEVER GET THIS STUFF ON EITHER THE BREAK DISCS OR PAD)
9. stand back and look at all your hard work gleaming
10. if the black bits on the bumpers are getting a bit offy autoglym do a vinal and rubbr cleaner that is quite good

I know I sound like i work for autoglym but i know the name and have used their stuff for years and at *alfords is buy 2 get 1 free so its good value :grin:

also tried the alloy brush but went back to the cut up sponge to get in all the nooks of the wheels
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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