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2020 Santa Fe Limited 2.0T AWD Stormy Sea
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I really would like to hear the horn beep or some noise, not just flashing lights when i lock my 2020 Santa Fe Limited using my key fob. Right now it only blinks lights and I need that addl confirmation of noise so i know I really locked it.. There has to be some setting somewhere, be kind i haven't had the vehicle 24 hours yet and the amount of tech is mind boggling... TIA

I have a 2020 Limited and I do not have the setting in the menus to make the horn sound when I push the lock button (as shown above in the pictures). But I do get an electronic chirp when I lock or unlock the vehicle. It isn't anywhere near the volume of the horn but it's easy enough to hear. And the turn signal lights flash as well. Not sure why you aren't getting any report when you lock/unlock. I'll dig through the menus again.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts