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In June 2008 I bought a Santa Fe Limited Auto. About a year later there was some damage to the interior done by my dog, who panicked during a thunderstorm while I was in a shop.

The damage was to rear seat belts, a bit on the back door, including tooth marks on the glass! But mostly it was rips in the leather back seats. To cut a long story short, the car has been in for repair twice, and returned not repaired because they had the wrong parts. I have got customer services involved twice, and they have not resolved it. Someone has been to my house to look at the seats, I have taken photos and sent them to the dealer, who have ordered the seats at least 6 times to my knowledge, each time they have been supplied wrongly. Apparently its 6 weeks for delivery every time they make a new order. I think the guy in the dealer parts department is doing his best, but that doesnt help much. I have heard from Hyundai that the car may have had the wrong details allocated to its VIN plate. I am not getting anywhwere now, and today I have been informed that the wrong seats have been sent AGAIN. I am starting a new conversation with customer services, but I dont hold out much hope. I am now VERY angry!

Anyone got any suggestions as to how I can put some pressure on now?
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