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I have searched on "gas struts" and did not see much to help.

One of the struts on the rear of the wagon has failed. I bought an aftermarket pair to replace them. But I cannot get the strut off the mounting.

I read people saying that the ones without the clip just need to be pried off...well I tried it on-car and there was no way. So I removed the lot and tried in the vice, using a big screwdriver to try to prize an end off and had no luck. I also used a pry-bar's nail remover setup as a wedge, with a hammer, and even that did not work.

Hyundai used to sell the mountings which seems to imply that these things can be removed. If not I would rather not pay what I am sure H charges for the complete setup, not to add that I have already paid for a pair of aftermarket ones.

I can start using the dremel to grind away the socket, but I thought I would ask first.

Any help appreciated.

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