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ya ya I know this is a past spy photo of a camoflaged covers up the lengthened headlights that go up to the fenders.

so with the partial head light covered up, does it make the hood, fender, front end look more horizontally lengthier ?

the yf is 189" long but visually appears to be a small car due to the design, many people think it looks like the same size as the lexus IS yet it is a whole 9" longer!! go figure.

porportionally the front end of the yf looks inadequate and too short, yeah this is not the "absolute" rule of design but IMO a car looks better when the front end "appears" longer and have more porportion vs the roof and rear trunk section.

yeah the car is not small, but the design factors make it look small. A good designer understands the "visual" affect of design and the importance of porportion. This IMO is where the YF design is weak.

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