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I'm new to this forum and have purchased a used 2007 Veracruz GLS.
I've been reading here problems the Veracruz Owners had with the installation of Remote starters.
Well it can be Done....

I just mine installed today with NO issues at all. My installer used the Avital Remote Stater Model 4103 and a bypass Moduale so the lost of 2nd chipped key wasn't needed as some say they had to do..($200 key)
He was able to install right into factory alarm system without losing any of it's features..There is special wiring that needs to be done from the door lock switch panel solding of two wires into starter unit..
I'm just posting this to inform others that it can be done and not listen to these dealers and installers that it can't be done....

If you have a qualified installer that has data link for installers which shows wiring diagrams and pictures that you must subscribe to, I guess, then it's possible to be done correctly...

It took my professional installer over 5hrs without stopping to complete my install, which was done proffessionally and correct with soldered, cripped and harness wrapped, wire...
Very time consuming and hard to get at tight wire locations, but he did it...
I would suggest that a novice NOT attemp to try to install one, Remember this guy does it for a living and it was tuff for him to do!
Like I said I'm just letting Veracruz Owners that it can be done..
Total Price around $375 which included parts and Labor..
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