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Hi all,

I recently purchased a 2012 Veloster (non-turbo) picked up today, and it has this weird "beep" that sounds similar to the reverse sensor.

We figured it was due for a service "reset" that needed to happen - the dealer did this reset by connecting it up to a computer before I picked it up and said the beep was resolved, but it still happens.

It will beep in high pitch for variable lengths of time Beep Beep Beeeeep Beep .... Beep .... Beep.
It does go away when the handbrake is fully engaged, but not when engaging the pedal brake.
It only comes back when driving the car in 1st/low RPM/idling in traffic
When driving and shifting, It goes away until slowing down in traffic.
It is not any better when slowing down and keeping a fair distance from other cars to not trip front/rear sensors.
When driving and shifting, It goes away at speeds or higher gears, until slowing down in traffic then it goes wild again.

No dash alerts (seatbelt, etc) on dash at all.
Just got dealer serviced, drives fine, will re-check coolant, brake fluids tonight.
The tire tread is new, and tires handle well with no obvious loss of pressure.
It is 14 degrees celsius tonight, so not cold enough for ice sensors to set off, I think.
Turning off AC doesn't change or prevent it.
I have my phone using Bluetooth, but the issue was present before I was actively using BT.
No Aux or USB plugged in. No maps running simultaneously.
We have closed/opened the hatch, doors etc. to confirm they aren't actually ajar.
There are no other apparent issues with the indoor lights, seatbelt or wiring of the nav/touchscreen etc.
The overhead lights switch on when exiting/entering at night and turn off after a few mins of the car being off & locked as expected. The headlamps are set to auto-on.

So from my understanding of the wiring schematics of this vehicle, if the door sensors were faulty the indoor courtesy light sensors would be also as they're in series, and in any case would trigger an alert.

Given the relationship to idling/handbrake I wonder if it's a caliper/handbrake sensor problem?

I have two keyless FOB's which also appear to have no issues, but have heard a low battery in one could trigger a beep in the car. Has anyone heard of this happening?

I don't recall it happening when I sat in the back during demo, only when driving it with no rear passengers, but will confirm again - perhaps the rear seatbelt/seat pressure sensor is faulty?

I have not yet checked the tire pressure formally, but I have seen people say that overinflating in winter helps?
My user manual advises against that, the recommended TP is 32. I'm hesitant to push it too far.

I've asked the dealer to get back to me re: if this car had the 2012 brake issue/recall history and hopefully they can resolve any problems with it

Thanks in advance for any input!
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