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I'm going to buy a Hyundai grace (H100)van. manufacture year is 2002.millage is above 300 how do i check this vehicle before buy?
i need to know the features of Hyundai grace 2002. and the difference with old grace.
what are the faults of this kind of vehicles? and etc..........

thank you..

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problems with the grace..
First off, check the oil cooler pipes, these run from a small radiator behind the front bumper, to just below the oil filter. They are prone to rust and split, and dump all your oil quickly.
hard to check with the protective bash plate on so get it taken off.
The indicator stalks stop working, causing problems with side and headlights.
They often leak from a join behind the front quarter panel leading to wet floorpans.
The glow plug relay is prone to sticking and causes hard starting and white smoke on start up problems.
Can be a little noisy unless you insulate the engine hatch well.
The usual suspects (kwik fit,national tyres etc) don`t do the Turbo deisel exhaust parts,they do do the non turbo.
I bought mine from some Germans on eBay and fitted it myself.
Parts from Hyundai dealers are a joke,with silly prices, though most parts can be gotten from 3rd party dealers.
There is NO available shop manual for this van other than issued to dealers and hyundai workshops.
If you want a manual, you`ll have to buy one from eBay international and it`ll cost more than a haynes....
I spent £60 for an engine/electrical/chassis 3 part workshop manual.
There are L300 manuals available from the Mitsubishi Delic club for about £20 and cover all the engine and gearbox basics, though obviously the electrics are different.
The 2.5td engine is the same as fitted to the Mitsubishi L300 panelvan and Delica. Also some Pajeros and Shoguns.
Some suspension parts like track rod ends/upper and lower balljoints, suspension struts are common with the Mitsubishis too, and are fairly easy to fit yourself.
Brake parts, shoes and disks are pretty cheap and easy to fit.
Try to check all the ball joints. They have grease nipples but nobody seems to remember to grease them.
Check when the cambelt was replaced, it`s a costly job fixing your engine after it breaks.
300,000? are you sure? Blimey.
The bodywork is galvanised, so doesn`t rust, but it does seem to ding easily.
Working on the engine gets to your back! Because it`s situated inside the vehicle access is a pain. especially for alternator adjustment etc.You have to remove the drivers seat and floorpan to do some jobs.
Good points, they drive easily and well, are pretty spacious in the back for long items. (fave with carpetfitters)
They average about 28mpg, less if you boot it, up to 30 if you drive like an angel.
You CAN use bio diesel and/or veg oil, the pump is happy to do so.
There are plently in the scrapyards, so used parts aren`t a problem, (at least in the northwest where I am).
All I can think of at the moment.
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