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I'm new to Hyundai cars.


I have spotted a used 2005 accent GLS 3dr,5 speed, A/C, 67 K miles, Near perfect condition at a local Ford/Hyundai new car dealership.
1 owner. New front brakes, new tires, recent oil change. A full detail was done. Car fax comes back clean. The vehicle is VERY clean inside and out and looks like new.
No major dents except 2 very hard to see door dings. I really like the car, Drives very nice. No anti lock brakes :( .
They originally wanted $7,975 for it but I negotiated the price down to $6400 and they won't budge any lower.

KBB lists $6100 but 2 of my friends say don't go exclusively with KBB, used cars sell slightly higher here in Bellevue.

I've got a refundable deposit on it right now, on hold for 48 hrs. They hid the car for me but won't hold it any longer than Monday, They say it will sell.

The only reason they are holding it for me now is I bought a new Ford last year from them and I'm a repeat customer.
The dealership has been very polite, no hard sell.

It will need the timing belt replaced, per 65K service guidelines. Everything else checks out fine.

Just opinions?

Tinted windows
5 speed manual
Power steering
Cloth seats
13" tires
Front and side airbags
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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