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2015 Santa Fe Sport 2.0T Ultimate
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I have a 15 SFS Ultimate FWD. Long story short, replaced my rear shocks last week. The the upper rear shock bolt coming out felt a little tight. Getting it back in felt weird and bound up towards the end. I had to get back in to make the vehicle drivable that day. I believe the threads in the body mount are mangled. I ordered a new bolt and it's on it's way in the mail. In the meantime, I wanted to order a tap and/or a TimeSert kit (last resort) for body mount threads.

Does anyone happen to know the bolt diameter and thread of the longer part of the bolt (with washer)? I'm guessing an M14x1.5? I'd like to pick up the tap/TimeSert kit so I have everything when the bolt arrives. TIA
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