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I have today had my car's livery altered.

here are the first photo's

[attachment=19684:IMG_6864.JPG] [attachment=19685:IMG_6862.JPG] [attachment=19686:IMG_6856.JPG]

as well as a new incentive scheme, i am not going to use the roof sign any more (mpg suffered too much)


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Hi Mike

Car is looking Great I have just changed my i10 from a blue one to a red one and have had a few extras fitted that I thnk make the car look great

I will post a few pictures later

I too am looking at sign writing rather than magnetics

The one thing I did notice is your lesson rate do you really work for £16.66 per hour that is Crazzy

I may have been there and done that but my lessons are currently £24per hr and will soon be £25 per hr

I do remember when I first went back into driving tuition 2 years ago but it just did not work

Good Luck take car and speak soon

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