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I personally like superchargers on V6s more than turbo, but as Canonman said, it really is about what you are looking for and there is many details to consider. I 100% agree though that a twin turbo would not be a good option at all. The Tiburon is only a 2.7L (barely bigger than a typical large 4 cylinder) so a single turbo would provide a perfect amount of boost for the car. There is a prefab turbo kit out there made by NGM and they also make many supercharger options for the car. Building your own kit and buying the custom turbo manifold from NGM would probably be much cheaper than the prefab they have offered. Like I said, I am a supercharger fan on the V6s though just because of the instant hp boost when you hit the pedal. Unless your Tiburon is highly modified, either option isn't really necessary at this time. If you are looking to do either option, you need to consider whether or not your transmission and drivetrain can handle it. If you have a manual, there is a good chance your clutch is not rated to handle the torque increase and would go out fairly quickly. You will also need larger injectors for either option. Just do the research on what other Tiburon owners have replaced before hand, or had to replace due to the forced induction causing problems. The last thing you want is to be at 8lbs of boost, hammer it, and something blow up or break because the car wasn't prepared for it. I hope all goes well for you though!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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