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There are so many different key factors that go into deciding whether which is a better option via supercharger or turbo. The turbo has just as much potential, if not more, than a supercharger. I won't go into details since there are tons. If you decide to turbo, single turbo is the option you would wanna go, unless you are very good with fabrication. There is only one known twin turbo v6 tiburon and another in progress that is not completed. I would not recommend a twin turbo. The sight you are looking for is called new

EDIT: Keep in mind, one of the main reasons people like to go with superchargers over turbos for the tiburon is the ease of installation. Tiburons lack space. With superchargers, its more of a bolt on process than a turbo. Sights to check are importshark .com - they offer all of the name brand pre-fabbed forced induction kits including all of NGM's kits. Another is hyundaihouseofpower .com - another forum sight dedicated to tiburon owners and NGM's products. It's a gold mind for forced induction info. One last one, as stated above is newtiburon .com - this is another forum sight dedicated to everything known about the tiburon.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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