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hey started working with my buddy's at MDR Performace ...... told him there might be a few people that might need some custom work [for parts that are not made for our car's ]

asked him about turbo manifolds and he said if i can get enough people he will do them for 475 shipped any where .....

also said if anyone is interested in a entire turbo kit ...... he can make a 400 hp daily capable turbo kit ... not say the kit will give u 400 hp but it will beable to withstand that amount of power daily if the tune for the car can make that much power

for my exhaust gonna make a 2-1/2 inch catback exhaust with a high flow cat or the option of straight pipe ... gonna go with straight on mine ....looking at about 450 with cat and muffler and about 400 for straight pipe [form stock down-pipe back] if anyone is interested ??????

but if u have any ideas of custom work let me know and i can let them use my car for anything ... !!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

hers some video of some things we got going at the shop ...........
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