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I ordered an Injen CAI for my 2.4 sonata GLS a couple thursdays ago for $255. Last Sunday, I checked the order status on Sunday and it still said pending. Monday morning i called because I wanted to get the K&N CAI instead.

First of all, it took me FOUR hours to get in touch with them. Everytime i called, no one would answer. I also sent an email

I finally got ahold of someone and spoke with him and told him to cancel the pending order or apply it towards the K&N one and i'd buy from them. The first thing the guy tells me is that my shipment is coming tomorrow and that I would have to pay shipping. I checked the website and my order status still said pending. Why didn't i get a tracking number?

He then emails me to tell me to refuse the package tomorrow. I wasn't even home the next day when they left it. That same day, I found the SAME Injen CAI for new for $198!!!!! So naturally i call them back, no answer

Wednesday: Call three times and email, no answer

Thursday: email that if they don't call me back to price match or refund the product or even get back to me by Friday, i will write an email on my experience

Friday: Nothing, so i bit the bullet and installed the **** thing (at least it sounds good!)

This company should have acted more responsibly. I STILL have not received an email back after a week, proving that they see my messages, yet don't bother to reply.

What they dont understand is instead of price matching me that $50, hopefully one of you will see this and decide you'd rather go with someone more trustworthy and then this company will lose that $200 sale.

I understand maybe some of you had good experience with them, but this is my experience, and I'm pretty upset with how they dealt with me, a customer.
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