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The other day I thought I'd finally order the Weathertech window deflectors and a hood deflector from hyundaioemparts as I'm collecting some small chips in my hood just the same as some of you have. Hyundaioemparts has it for $55 but I get this message back today,"we no longer ship hood deflectors due to the fact they always get damaged. this order will be canceled and you will not be charged". This sucks, I hope they're not that cheap? Also, if I go to hyundaiaccessorystore and it's not only $65 but they want $35 for shipping! I talked to a representitive on the phone and I would be able to get an 11% discount from the website, but still. Well, I just went to e-bay and found one for the lower price just now, .Anybody have probs with this hood deflector, it seems from searching most of you are satisfied, right?
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