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Hello & welcome to the forum 00000732

I think you've maybe posted to the wrong forum. It sounds like your car is a 2nd generation model.

trunk not opening after pressing micro switch at hundai logo what to do any remedy
You really need a professional diagnostic scan tool to easily diagnose the cause. That would be able to read the signal from the micro switch and would be able to activate the trunk release actuator which would tell you what part of the system is failing.

Assuming you don't have access to a professional scan tool, what I would do is check the wiring where it routes through the rubber tubing between the car body and the tailgate, near the tailgate hinge. The wiring in the tubing gets flexed everytime you open/close the tailgate so that's the most likely place for a wire to break. Unclip the tubing and pull the wiring harness out and check for signs of damage. If the wiring looks OK you'd need to remove the tailgate interior trim and test/bypass the micro switch.

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