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Inside the trunk, remove the 2 screws from underneath, 1 is silver, the other is gold color... you will need to pull the hole covering from 1 side to gain access to the screw. Unplug the connector.

Go inside the cabin, start to remove the lamp,, get it up enough that you can reach in and twist the wings on the socket to release it from the lamp housing, drop the bulb and socket down out of way so you can finishe removing the lamp housing.

Grab the socket with short pigtail, replace bulb.. Take a pair of side cutter and cut them wings off at the base of the socket.

Install bulb and socket into housing, install lamp assembly back onto the deck panel

re-install the 2 screws, and plug in the connector..... all done

Word of caution, be carefull getting socket out of the lamp, co-worker cut his fingers pretty good doing 1, it was the used car fella, he not come ask for directions..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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